On today 3D graphics participates in the most different types of activities. Such as: cinema and a video games industry, medical, engineering, the architectural industry and in much other branches. This that than is engaged our command. Helps to implement by means of the knowledge and experience your ideas and the purposes. Our command has a wide experience in a 3D graphics. 

We will make any project in compliance to needs of the client from simple to difficult.

Our 3D artists have broad and extensive knowledge and experience in such directions:

3D modeling of characters, architecture, high polygonal, low polygonal, technical devices modeling;

  • Texturing, mapping, bump, specular;
  • Morphing, rigging of characters;
  • Sketches in details, 2D pictures;
  • Modeling for 3D Print, CNC;
  • Animation;
  • 3D visualization.

Knowledge of such programs:

  • Maya;
  • 3D Max;
  • Vue;
  • Adobe Photoshop;
  • Adobe Illustrator.